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Originally Posted by Drakow View Post
Hey, I got punched in the face not too long ago and I wasn't even mad or angry at all. Not even the tiniest bit of rage.

But there lies my problem. Because of how awesome I am as an individual when it comes to dealing with ****, I have the expectation that other people should also be able to handle things at a similar level to me. So when I used to harass people or whatever I'd expect them not to be too phased by it but this isn't always the case as I've come to realize in more recent times. I'm beginning to really understand that not everyone can be as good as me when it comes to certain things (and vice versa too, fine I won't be totally up my own ass here haha). It's one of the few things I've managed to truly comprehend while soul searching.
Yeah I had to spend some time learning that as well. I was a complete hypocrite; if someone told me not to get so upset over something I would get pissed off because who were they to be the arbiter of my emotions, but at the same time I would tell other people that what they're upset about wasn't important enough and that they were "overly sensitive", indirectly declaring myself the arbiter of their feelings. Since then I've matured a lot (hopefully!) and taught myself that just because I may not be upset by it, that doesn't mean the people that are upset by it are too sensitive. Just different. It took a lot of work and I still trip up sometimes, but it's a more empathetic and less egocentric me. :)

Slender, if you punched Drakow in the stomach he would probably stare at you in mild confusion. If you punched me in the stomach I would probably pass out. Am I "overly sensitive" for reacting that way? Physical harm is the same as emotional harm - people are different and react differently to different things. If you're messing with someone and you expect them not to be hurt physically by something and they are, do you tell them it's their fault for being overly sensitive? If you know that a good amount of the people you encounter would be physically hurt if you ran headlong into them, would you continue to do that to strangers? You still have a lot of maturing to do.

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