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    Originally Posted by LilJz1234 View Post
    But Drakow, don't you do karate? Of course if you got punched in the face it's normal haha. I do MMA but when someone punches me in the face I don't turn into The Hulk and go on a rampage since that's what you would be expecting doing contact sports
    Yeah but I don't really do contact karate - although I've gotten into that recently at another dojo. When I train normally it's just very light contact stuff so barely touching. My karate is more focussed on kata - applications of the karate techniques - rather than sparring and competitions.

    Like that for example. I was doing light freestyle sparring with my opponent but I think we both took it a bit too far haha. I didn't think I was hitting him that hard but I can underestimate my strength at times so I think I was hitting him harder than I thought so when he had the chance to wallop me, he took it.

    So for me, getting punched in the face is not normal and I didn't have any head protection and he wasn't wearing any gloves either so I took the maximum impact from his punch. I had to hold back the tears. In MMA, with the gloves and helmets and stuff I really do imagine getting hit in the face wouldn't be that big of an issue at all. I could have gotten really angry at him. I could have been like "dude what the **** don't you understand about "light, freestyle sparring" but I didn't.
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