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Last Update for my Green Monocolor on Red!
  • Defeated Erika after catching Hamlet
  • Dfeated Koga
  • Defeated the Rockets at Silph Co.
  • Beat both gyms in Saffron City
  • Surfed on over to Cinnibar Island where I defeated Blaine
  • Beat Giovanni once more, before heading to the League
  • Beat the Elite Four lol
  • Then it was time to battle the Champ. It was hard but I did win
  • Beat the game wooh!


So here's the champion team:

HAMLET the Scyther
Lvl. 59
162 Attack/ 132 Defense/ 157 Speed/ 105 Special
-Quick Attack
-Swords Dance

DINO the Venusaur
Lvl. 60
129 Attack/ 134 Defense/ 127 Speed/ 155 Special
-Body Slam
-Sleep Powder
-Razor Leaf

And (not to copy you jd lol) my MVP for the Kanto Region is Hamlet because his Slash got me through so many gyms. Dino is my E4 and Champion MVP because of his useful, powerful grass attacks. Next is johto, but I need to wait so I can do my Valentine's Day Challenge.

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