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    When I was a child, I had no cable, so no watching Pokemon on TV. They had a select few VHS movies of Pokemon at my Blockbuster, so I rented those a lot and watched those.
    Occasionally I went to my dad's house and watched Pokemon, as he did have cable.
    Around the time the characters went to the islands and traveled with Tracey instead of Brock, I got less interested in the anime and played the games and cards exclusively.
    I remember once, years later (perhaps 2004) I saw an episode of AG on TV, I actually think the channel was WB, and I was appauled. I didn't like May, I didn't like how Pikachu's design seemed to have changed (it looked less pudgy and more defined.) I didn't like how there was no "who's that Pokemon?!" break. So I just completely fell out of the anime.
    Then, upon deciding to watch the first DP episode last spring, I became interested again and kept watching. I haven't seen all of the DP episodes, but most of the episodes I've seen are DP. I also like the BW series, I didn't like Iris at first but after awhile she grew on me.
    So yeah, I took a huge anime break. About 7-8 years.
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