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    They use X and Y to go with the theme of Genetics. There is a double helix on the Japanese title to show the theme.

    There isn't and may not be any confirmation of "Z". After all everyone said we'd get Pokemon Gray/Grey after Black and White, which we did not. The third, if we even get one, may have nothing to do with the same legends depending on how the story unfolds. If we have a similar set up as Black and White with a Third Party Character catching the other legend, then we'll either get 2 sequels again or no third at all and move to the next generation or Remakes. If the story goes the way that Gen 2 did, where both box legends are in both games at different times, then the Third can pull a Crystal in which a slightly unrelated Pokemon is the new Box Legend and they change the story slightly.

    If the story is like 3rd and 4th Gens with two exclusive legends while one will not exist in the other game, then we'll get Emerald/Platinum with a third related Legend Pokemon.

    There are many things for them to branch off of that cannot guarantee a specific Pokemon game title. Even after that, they have more ideas that they can make into Pokemon. Its going to keep going for as long as the company makes money.