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that golem is outsped and ohkoed and cannot switch in whatsoever if there are hazards up. by very definition, this is not a counter. you should also be using 252 atk / 252 spe (if you want a bulky rock setter then you should be using regirock) and rock blast over stone edge unless you enjoy being set up on by a load of things like sub ninjask or being pp stalled by subbu braviary. i also really like using custap berry + explosion over sucker punch, try that out next time you play with golem. normal gem is also a nice idea if your team really struggles with stuff like tangela / musharna or if you just want to get momentum going.

anyway to deal with ampharos: it's actually quite hard to find anything that can really switch in reliably because it has solid coverage and is rather strong, but piloswine can switch in on anything barring focus blast and ohko it with earthquake. you could also use something obnoxious like sdef ludicolo and stall it out with leech seed + giga drain but realistically you will never use that in an actual game

piloswine @ eviolite
thick fat
240 hp / 252 atk / 16 spe
adamant nature
- earthquake
- ice shard
- icicle spear / stone edge (if you have issues with regice / rotom-f, otherwise spear is superior)
- stealth rock