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    Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
    Believe it or not, no that is not how beta art is. I've assisted in making games before and have seen others make games before. Beta work is worse that what is posted. Those are fake because of many reasons, most notably they are in the wrong style.

    Cell Shaded animations are not done with the same CGI animations that the posted ones in the original post are. The battle footage and footage of the player running around IS what the actual game play is going to look like.

    The Beta for B/W and the final product for B/W were not that different in overall quality. Only difference between a lot of the beta work and finished product then was the finished had more images inserted to take up blank space. The Pokemon Center in Castellia was just a giant black building over a small red section. The finish version made the outside of the Pokemon Center seem much larger than the inside seemed.

    The only parts that were not part of actual game footage were the parts I said as they used different CGI style than the game play footage which was why they were listed. What was posted was a Fan's attempt to create a 3D game using Pokemon as the grade is much lower that what we have been shown as official beta presentations.
    first off, just let me say that 3D models are a whole different ball game then sprites.
    i'm not in any way saying this isn't fake, i'm just pointing out to everyone that new game's graphics aren't perfect from the start and are very similar to this gif. and the "game footage not final" is referring to the gameplay shown so that they won't get in trouble if they change it a little. even if your trying to argue that it was only referring to the part its in, it shows it right as the 3DS is shown

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