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Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
A zoo is caged animals (lions, tigers, bears, oh my!) while a Safari Zone is a roaming expanse of animals living in a natural and free environment (like the "gated community" comment earlier).

Also, zoos don't tend to like you taking their attractions.

Zoo's aren't all cages. I've been to open air Zoos where animals are kept in habitats. The Habitats themselves are dug x amount of feet into the ground and surrounded by a deeper moat to keep the animals from getting to the visitors, but there is only a railing to look over and nothing else separating human and animal.

Only exceptions are the Insect House, Reptile Hose and Aviary. Those are glass and netting then XD

But the Safari Zone from Gen 1 was a Zoo. Not to mention most are based off of Safari Preserves which are open air Zoos in which visitors take tours in a cart with 1 or more well trained guards armed with top of the line tranquilizer guns and darts to keep the animals from attacking/harming guests. Even Safari Preserves keep specific animals "caged" and separated from others of more pr editorial natures when they can.
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