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    Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
    The "Game Play not as shown" was for the two specific parts mentioned. It wouldn't show twice if it were for the whole video, instead it would have remained or appeared at each point or more consecutively than it did. It is in no way the same as your example before as what you posted was a danger disclaimer that they put to avoid lawsuits should anyone be dumb enough to drive their car off of a cliff.

    B/W's Background was also 3D rendered not sprited. They started using different art techniques for their games around mid Gen 4, but the actual overworld Background was different than the sprite and pixel art used for items, characters, Pokemon and battles.

    The game footage is possibly going to change slightly as it may become cleaner, even still there isn't going to be any major changes to what we have already seen. Pikachu, Xerneas, and Yveltal are the only parts that may be drastically different. Game play wise is going to look as it does in the trailer with Cell Shaded art which is what the key factor in the gifs being fake is. They would not have made that trailer if the games were going to look like the gifs do. Not to mention the Gifs are already a backwards step. If they already made the video then the actual gameplay is already done and is being beta tested for bugs and filled in right now as we wait for release.
    lets take a look at my post, shall we?

    "i'm not in any way saying this isn't fake, i'm just pointing out to everyone that new game's graphics aren't perfect from the start and are very similar to this gif."

    there's no need to bring up it being fake and that the gif would be a step backwards because it's already been discussed.

    "the "game footage not final" is referring to the gameplay shown so that they won't get in trouble if they change it a little. even if your trying to argue that it was only referring to the part its in, it shows it right as the 3DS is shown"

    i would encourage you to watch the video again because it shows that notice ONCE.

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