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    Originally Posted by roosterman View Post
    "the "game footage not final" is referring to the gameplay shown so that they won't get in trouble if they change it a little.
    That's not even remotely close to why its there. They won't get in trouble even if they didn't have that notice and changed how the graphics look. Compared to your example you are comparing Apples to Oranges. There is no law that states that they have to have that there unlike a car commercial that shows people driving recklessly.

    On Pikachu, Yveltal, and Xerneas it says, "Does not represent actual game footage."

    That means, that in no way, shape, or form are those parts part of the gameplay.

    I did misread part of what you were saying, yes just as you completely misread my posts as well, but "Game footage not final" simply means that there will be tweeks and small changed to actual game footage. What we have depicting actual game play is what we are going to get as actual game play. Only difference is that it will be cleaner, they may add in more colors to the pallet to give it a more vibrant look, and that they may add more to the scenery. Sometimes areas that appear in the footage don't appear in actual game play or small visual parts will be changed like say the Statue with the Knight, Golurk, Plapitoad, and Eevee. They may change a Pokemon on it, add a Pokemon to it. They may change how the water looks, or what shade the color of the grass looks like.

    It will not look remotely close to the GIFs posted as they are two vastly different styles of art. That would require a complete reworking of the entire game just to adjust the codes to read the different style correctly as well as transition the the animations correctly. Every bit of artwork that appears on the screen has its own code and works together with the other codes through one core code that holds them all together.

    The GIFs are not Beta art either as those are not leaked to the public before game release and they would not be moving, rather they'd have been screenshots of how the attacks would look or how the Pokemon looked. The battle plates don't exist in a lot of Pokemon Beta work, for them to show its near a final working point. There are many other things about the GIFs that have not been mentioned by myself that confirm it is fake. Someone else already said Klink's name is misspelled and is listed as a "Female" Pokemon. That sort of mess up does not exist in Beta work as Pokemon are individually coded and tested as images before they test battle capabilities of the graphics.

    Yes they are fake.