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    I spent a weekend catching up on this, and I'm glad that you posted a new chapter I can comment on.

    This is a great fic. I love that it's written from the point of view of Sai's Pokemon. It makes the story more fulfilling, as we get their histories from their eyes, and as they take the reader on the mystery that is Sai. Speaking of Sai, he's a boy full of mystery. Every time I think I can guess what his life was like before he met Senori, there's always some small clue that you drop that changes everything.

    Specifically for the last chapter, I love Senori's reasons for evolving. Heck, I just like that he evolved. Furrets are so adorable. Plus, what is Sai planning to do with the Gym badges? And will he go back to get the two that were stolen, or just continue on without them in that way that Sai does?

    Really, this is one of the fics that keeps me reading Pokemon fanfiction. I'm glad that you're back to writing here on PC with such an amazing fic.

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