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Originally Posted by XxITomxX View Post
Road 3: Okay,The Flute Is A Music Station In Your Jukebox Add A Buy Music Station in the jukebox where the flute is worth $ 1000 (OVERPRICED maniac Style)
Cave 1: Okay
Cyan City: Swimming Is A Tool Like A Fishing Rod But You get by default
Road 4:Why the adoption agency

Poke gear I cant Talk to alchemist raekan
Cyan City i can walk through the bottom of the fountain but not the sides
Ty for reply

Fishing rod:Nothing ever Bites

Edit: I Get The Adoption Agency TY VERRY MUHCH could that pokesaw kill the snorlax?
the jukebox is totally for one's personal enjoyment/it uses the bgm of the audio folder in my game, the flute is the flute I chose, it has no baring whatsoever on the game, you need to physically acquire the flute which triggers a switch in the game, that allows you to use the flute
you'll be happy to know I have started working on an extensive cave system that includes the first cave you see, and I have high hopes for what is inside
I have an idea, where not everyone really learns to swim, so you take a brief class, and get your little swimming licence or that little guppy card you get from rec centers, and that lets you swim
sorry, but I really havent implemented anything with the pokegear, I might since you seem so interested in it, thanks for the fountain notice, and you have a real concern with this snorlax, please refrain from endangering my favorite pokemon ;~;

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