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Originally Posted by metalflygon08 View Post
On that note, about how far in are you currently? Not pressing or anything, just curious.
Originally Posted by HackChu View Post
Hopefully at least in Cerulean.
Sorry to crush your hopes, but I'm still at Pewter City. Right now DarkViolet is on a small hiatus while I work on the 64x64 DS Sprite Project (which will be used by DarkViolet, so in a way, working on the sprite project is the same thing as working on DarkViolet).

EDIT: Also, I am going to make a legitimate effort to fully learn ASM, and my goal is for this game to have at least 1 ASM routine made completely by me.

EDIT: Good news! I have now fixed all Pokedex-related issues!

I'm not going to describe in-detail how I fixed the trainer card & save screen issue, but I can happily claim that I did this all by myself!

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