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Any Other Poem

Just start by throwing in some normal words;
Tell a fraction of a story -
Where you're much less prone to mistakes and slips
So yeah, it's much easier than a story.

Maybe you don't have to use normal words.
I could be careless as hell in these expressions
And I could start every bloody sentence with a conjunction
And I can throw in as many "and"s as I want
And I could write like I gave a damn
Because somehow,
In some way,
There'd be too many ways to look at it.

You could be super-cliche and use your rhyming couplets,
Or you could screw the rhymes and free-verse it through.
Because some over-sensitive idiot will find something to say
And whether it's accurate or ridiculous, it's always true.

Because rhymes hinge at a sense of continuous balance;
And free-verses are the opposite of that.
But I bet I can write something completely unrelated
And some poor chap would have to dig something out of that

Because it rhymes.

But screw it;
Free-verses are so much easier to do.

I could throw in some similes and metaphors
Because they help us to relate to other stuff
Like an elephant to an electron, even a chalk to cheese;
Somehow, there'd be an analysis of that.
Because no matter how I bull my way through
There's nothing wrong with being overdramatic,
Stupid, even -
When it comes to poetry.

I could throw in the most one-dimensional diction
And there'd still be ten dimensions of interpretations.
I can write infinite words on why any other poem is awesome
Because apparently there's too much to say.
Because anything means anything;
There's somehow nothing wrong with that.

Maybe a chunk of words in the first stanza
With a sentence in the second stanza
Means that the persona has a huge head
And a small ass;
Finding some evidence for that.

Maybe something as literal as a poem less than 20 words
Could be an expression of the writer's laziness
Or the persona's lack of character depth
Or ten dimensions of complete bull
Or some other bull on top of that which somehow makes sense;
Finding some evidence for that.

Maybe any other poem
Could mean any other thing
Because any other poem
Can mean any other thing
Because I can write whatever the hell I want to write
And someone would think too much for me.
Finding more evidence for that.

Any other poem therefore makes complete sense.
popping my head back in here for lit/art purposes .
always open for random conversations and stupid convos though ;D!

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