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    Originally Posted by atie View Post
    Like the title says What if the Pokemon games end with Z and "X&Y" are the prelude for the ending, I mean how long are they continuing the series.. Why is it that after so many years using colors and jewels as titles for games they are now using the "X" and "Y" for continual perhaps the "Z"? Did they decide that the 6th will be the last Generation of Pokemon??
    I am confused why people bring that thing up..It means absolutely nothing. First two generations were Colour, the next two were on jewels, the fifth one represented Ying/Yang and now this represents Axis/Chromosomes. I honestly do not see whats wrong.It's just that Pokemon titles now represent the theme of the games, a thing which the first four generation didn't.

    And pokemon will not End. Not untill something massively bad happens and they have to shut it down. Like someone said, it's like asking if it's the last mario game.That time aint coming soon.