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    Well, Well, Well look's like my trapped worked, that foolish trainer with the Togekiss went down the trap tunnel, I knew leaving the Gracidea above would get Shaymin moving but getting this guy down there is to funny.

    I followed him with my Excadrill who had dug out a passage with small peep-holes on the walls so I could keep an eye on them. It seemed as though the trainer had a Chimchar with them. It didn't matter though because within a few hours he'd fallen into the trap! I had gotten some Camerupts to create lava plumes to make a single passage Shaymin would go. The trainer and Shaymin ended up in my Galvantula's Web. I walked up to him and said "Well looks like we meet again" I'll be taking you back Shaymin and carefully without breaking the web removed Shaymin and the Gracidea from the web, of course I let Shaymin keep the Gracidea, it made Shaymin happy. So I decided the best thing to do was to keep this trainer from getting Shaymin back.

    First I removed all his Pokeballs, active or not and threw them across a giant hole thanks to Excadrill of course. They were safe and within view but without pokemon they were not going back to their trainer anytime soon. Secondly I had Galvantula completely encase the trainer in the webbing so they were blind. Finally just to make sure I had Galvantula hang the trainer on an extra strong piece of web on the ceiling above the pit.

    So there I went with Shaymin, Glavantula and Excadrill up the exit shaft, of course I blocked the exit for the trainer, just in case. So now I'm off to Sunyshore City and then to Flower Paradise to return the Shaymin to its colony.

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