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Okay, no matter how or when, on B2W2 my team's always bad, so I need help right away! I'm playing White 2 and in Driftveil City, about to face Clay.

Current Party:

Female, Lv. 25 (Swarm)
-String Shot
-Bug Bite
-Razor Leaf

Male, Lv. 22 (Torrent)
-Razor Shell
-Water Gun
-Fury Cutter

Male, Lv. 23 (Super Luck) @Scope Lens
-Air Cutter
-Quick Attack

Male, Lv. 26 (Volt Absorb)
-Pin Missile
-Thunder Fang
-Quick Attack

Male, Lv. 25 (Intimidate)
-Sand Tomb

Female, Lv. 29 (Cute Charm) @Exp. Share
-Faint Attack

White 2: