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Originally Posted by Magmaruby and Aquasapphire View Post
Xander's right, it would be more of a Johto clone...unless one considers B2W2 ("Gen V.5") as the Johto to Unova, if so than it'll be the new Hoenn...which dropped all previous mons, added Natures, two baby Pokémon, rebooted the ev system, added IV's,etc. In terms of mons I'm hoping it's more like Johto though. I wouldn't mind 7 Unova babies.
Yeah I considered B2W2 the Johto version :x I mean it just REMINDED me of Johto tbh. But ya idm if it's like Johto because Johto design-wise was cartoonish imo, and if that's the case these games will follow the same suit, and it already seems to be the case from the starters at least.

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