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Originally Posted by Sabrewulf238 View Post
They're really coming out of the woodwork now.


It's likely fake....or at least it looks less believable than the previous one.

The eyeball guy looks like he could be Fire/Poison or Fire/Dark though. I like it more than the other two.
You can tell by the style of the artwork alone that this is a fake, BUT, I do love the design of the Dinosaur Pokémon at the top.

Anyway, even though Black and White were like the Kanto of the series and a lot of the new Pokémon felt inspired from the first generation, I hope they don't continue to use that as a way to rebuild the franchise. I'd like to see more of their creative juices flowing and seeing this generation get inspiration from the location of the world it is based off of. Use animals and species that they haven't yet used rather than try and reiterate what's already been done.

If they're trying to "evolve the world of Pokémon" as they put it, then keeping it fresh would be the way to go. Then again, if we had to decide on which past series of games this would be, then I'd go with Hoenn myself ─ which could have also been seen as a step of evolution for the world of Pokémon back then.
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