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I hope i posted this in the right section!
I have searched for these problems but with no luck! :-/
I need a little help with pokescript!
I have two issues
1)with messages and how they appear in the rom!
#org $script
cry 0xA1 410
#raw 0x33
pause 0x30
message $cry
$cry 1 = De-oxys!
boxset 6
wildbattle 410 10 1
pause 0x70
fadescreen 1
removesprite 0x800F
setflag 0x1211
pause 0x10
fadescreen 0
it should make the text De-oxys! appear and start the battle
when i import this compiled script via advance map to my rom i get the deoxys event but instead of saying De-oxys! it makes unreadable characters appear and then the event starts with no problems!
2)Another problem i come across is that when i run from the battle or catch it or anyways end the battle in every way possible the deoxys stays in its place instead of disappearing!
P.S. The rom is clean i just named the folder beta 1 because i wanted to create a hack but right now the *.gba file is clean!
Thanks in advance!