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Welcome to the club, Darkly!
Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers View Post
@ Ink Heart, the spritesplosion with Fefeta hasn't happened before, has it? Only Tavris. I'd wanted to see Jane's sprite reappear ;; But it seems like when they've spritesploded, they don't come back. Maybe we'll see more of Fef and Nep in the next intermission now.

Speaking of which, they should reach the alpha session just about soon, shouldn't they?

Ahahhaa I seriously didn't think Dirk would get tricksterified. But oh well.

I think the clowntroll is helping everyone just because he's the bard and bards are complete wildcards. Bringing about destruction by letting others take action. Sounds totally like helping LE at least.

And yeah, too tired to bother with a thousand spoilers. No one here said that they didn't like us revealing things anyways, so.
I hope Feferi and Nepeta do show up in the next intermission! I miss them dearly.

And yeah, they're gonna be in the alpha session very soon.

As for the Trickster stuff before it ended, candyDirk was sort of funny, but depressing at the same time when you think about it. Dirk is so sad that magic booze can't even make him forget his problems. Dang. Kinda sad that the Trickster Mode Dirk flash sunk some ships, too. And it brought the end of dear, sweet, precious Fefeta. D;

I'm still having mixed feelings with Gamzee after all this time. I don't even know what to think of him. I used to like him before he went crazy, and when he did go nuts I flipped out for a moment then sorta found it interesting, but his epic rage-filled bardassery (yes, I meant that pun) lost its charm, and then I just got tired of seeing the bard.

Anyway, I'm glad we're finally removing the spoiler tags, haha. Makes typing a lot less of a hassle.
However, I suggest we keep the spoiler tags for most recent updates, so that people who didn't know that there was a recent update wouldn't get spoiled from checking this thread out. That, or we could make a rule that you can't look at this thread without checking the site to see if there have been updates first. I don't know which would work better, but I think either would solve the problem.

update (02/02/13)
That last update though. I must say, Roxy is freaking adorable. She is now my favorite HS character ever. <3 That's not saying much though, lol. Everyone else is really close to being up there too, because I've grown to like them even more now. Seriously, the alpha kids are just really getting so much character development since Act 6 Act 5 Act 1x2 Combo started. Reading these updates gets me every single time. And Hussie wrapped the Trickster mode arc up with such a heartwarming lesson, and it all made sense in the end given how this brought the four kids together by talking about their problems. I shouldn't have doubted Hussie a few posts back, haha. Oh and Jack Noir is back, guys.
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