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Your reason for that username is hilarious. XD But yeah, welcome to PC, Marc! Are you doing well with competitive battles yet? How's PC treating you? I hope you've been checking out the Battle Center like Hikari said. :D And of course, we have our own Pokémon Showdown! server for you to visit. Hmm, maybe that could be a better place to start with than a huge forum like this. People there can help you get around the Battle Center, right? I mean I certainly would if I was on during your visit. Plus you could make friends there too, like I did in my first visit! Especially if you follow the rules and be really chill about it, a tip that goes to stuff related to the forum, too. (b'')b

That being said, don't be afraid to send a visitor message or a private message to staff like me, Cirno or anyone else who handles a section of the forum! We're here to help you out on your newbie days. :) Lots of friendly people here you know, so if you're not a troll, then you'll fit right in. c: I really hope that you learn a lot in this place, like more than competitive strategies, because a forum holds so much more in store for you. ;D Stick for a long time, and you'll see what I mean. Until then, see you around!