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Cape City

Suddenly, a flashback came to Paladin. A massive migraine followed. He'd been here before, in Cape City. That was all his flashback would tell him. That, and there was...someone else. Another Pokemon whom he had been affiliated with. Been friends with. Paladin doubted that it mattered, since this Pokemon was probably long gone. However, if he had been here before, then perhaps more secrets to his past lay here in Cape.

When Paladin came to, he found a bustling torrent of Pokemon coming towards him. Refugees, probably. He realized that he was lying on the ground, and that Ryte and Flurry were no longer with him. He got up. The Golurk towered above the other refugees, causing some to fear him and run away. All the refugees were heading in one specific direction, and many looked panicked as they swerved around Paladin. He decided that they must have been running from something at the back of the group, so he pushed against the waves of fearful Pokemon until he reached the end. There, slashing at anything he could see, was a Kabutops. One of the ancients. He was slashing wildly at innocent refugees with his sickles, striking a few and injuring them very badly. Paladin stepped in before the Kabutops could strike again, protecting a small Sentret from getting sliced in half with his massive leg. The Sentret fled, leaving a confused Ancient with Paladin. "Get out of my way, you gigantic piece of filth!" the Ancient ordered, and sped past the Golurk at the group of Pokemon running away.

The drums. "Dum dum dum dum" got louder in Paladin's mind. He was becoming angry. Seeing these innocent Pokemon being hurt just didn't seem right. Despite how much he wanted to fight it, he couldn't. His common sense told him he'd attract too much attention, but his heart told him the Kabutops deserved it. Paladin used Fly to catch up to the running Kabutops, known full well that this Pokemon was much faster than him. When he was above the Kabutops, he left himself fall down a few feet in an attempt to crush the evildoer. The ancient noticed and stepped aside. Without a moment's hesitation, Paladin went for a Shadow Punch at the Kabutops, managing to hit him directly in his confusion. The Ancient took a moment, but got back up, and managed to avoid Paladin's oncoming Hammer Arm. The Ancient swiftly jumped behind his opponent and used Slash. The move only went straight through the Golurk, giving him enough time to grab the Kabutops and smash him against the city walls. "You always were thick, you Ancients," Paladin said. He then retracted his legs and began to Fly, leaving his arms outstretched to hold the Kabutops. They ascended into the air. One hundred meters....two hundred meters....three hundred meters.

"Alright, alright!" the Kabutops screamed, when they had ascended to four hundred meters into the air. "What do you want?! Leave me alone!" he pleaded. In a raspy voice that did not appear to be his, Paladin said "Re...tri...bution..." and released the Kabutops from his grip. The ancient screamed for his life as he fell to his death. Paladin took the satchel that was strung around his shoulder and reached in. He took out his green egg. The sight of the thing snapped him back into reality. 'What...have I done?' he thought.