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    Ruby was my first Pokemon game so it has to be my favourite one. Besides, I am more of a fire and burning person. Team Magma's plan made just a little more sense than Team Agua's. Honestly humans were made to live and love land. Its what they were born on and how they were raised. You can't stay on a boat the rest of your life. If the world was covered in just oceans no cats, dogs, wolves, bear, insects, honey badgers, lions, tigers, pandas, cheetahs, elephants, mice, hamsters, bunnies, plants, ect. would be able to live. There would be no fruit, barely any vegtables, bread or wheat/corn substance of any kind. Also the soil wouldn't exist so it couldn't cleanse the water and rid it of toxins and impurities. Also more land would solve overpopulation. More land means more room for people and animals to live in. Oh, and also you would get really seasick in a world filled with water. Sorry for going overboard (haha) with this post, just seriously what was Team Aqua thinking?
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