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    1.Vulpix at that Tower Place is Ruby. Was little, thought it was ugly, didn't catch it.
    2.Secound one was Zubat, that cave near Dewford. Thought it was ugly, again little, fled.
    3. Shroomrish, Petalsburg woods, ran away, didn't care.
    4. Poochyena, near Oldale Town. Caught it. Restarted game some time later...
    5.Eon, from Permanent Team. Traded from friend. Keeping this one finally
    ~Seriously I don't know how I came across all these shinies when I was little. There have probably been more I just don't remember it. I seem to be a shiny magnet, but I hate them. I think in Diamond I had a shiny leafeon and piplup. Pherhaps some games have a better chanse.
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