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Carvanha Update #2

-Got Running Shoes
-Made it to Mt. Moon
-Made it through Mt. Moon
-Beat Misty
-Taught Carvanha TM03 Water Pulse
-Grinded a couple of levels
-Beat Gary
-Beat Nugget Bridge
-Got S.S Ticket from Bill

Carvanha Update #3

-Beat Everyone on S.S Anne (Including Gary)
-Got HM01
-Beat Surge
-Made way through dark cave

My biggest (and last update)
Carvanha Update #4

-Arrived in Lavender Town
-Made way to Celadon
-Swept Gym with Crunch
-Cleared Rocket Game Corner
-Beat Giovanni
-Went back to Lavender
-Beat Gary
-Saved Mr Fuji
-Went to Fuschia
-Got Gold Teeth and Surf from Safari Zone
-Beat Koga
-Flew to Pallet Town
-Got Secret Key from Pokemon Mansion
-Swept Blaine's Gym
-Did 1, 2, 3 Island Quest
-Took on Fighting Gym
-Swept Sabrina's Gym
-Did the same to Giovanni's Gym
-Made it through Victory Road in Record Time
-Went through a VERY long process of making my way through Lorelei then getting one shotted by Bruno grinding up a level then trying again
-When I finally OHKO every one of Bruno's Pokemon I swept the rest of the elite 4 and Champion
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