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No Mid don't leave me here with these scary veterans that have type advantages. ;;


Round 3
Lost vs RandomTrainerWhoCould [Water] (1/2)
Won vs Hyperbeem [Grass] (1/3)
Lost vs RandomTrainerWhoCould [Water] (2/2)
Lost vs Hyperbeem [Grass] (2/3)
Lost vs Hyperbeem [Grass] (3/3)

5/5 = won 1 + lost 4

Aaand I'm done. Words cannot express how much I'm gonna miss my Ground mono team, but it's time for them to move on to greener pastures (with less Water-types and Grass-types, thank you very much). We fought our hardest, but the sheer awesomeness of Woohoo and Hyperbeem just won't let us get past. I'm sorry, Mamoswine, Garchomp, Landorus, Seismitoad, Gastrodon and Gliscor. Of course, I'm not leaving you out either Ninetales; you were a good wildcard. But really, what's truly important are the experiences we've shared throughout our battles. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart. You guys made me feel like I was playing a Nuzlocke game. Maybe we'll see each other again someday? In fairer weathers, clearer skies, free from rain. In an RMT thread to prove that you deserve hall of fame. Semi-finals is something I'm overwhelmingly proud of, and all of you undeniably helped me grow in the process.

To the guys I battled to get into this third round, I love you guys, and thanks for fighting your hardest. To the two people who move on to the finals, thank you for the spectacular battles, too. So what's next? The finals, huh. Even though I'm a fan of Hyperbeem as well, I might just be slightly rooting for Woohoo to win, just because he has the type disadvantage, haha. Wait, I like Water-types too. I guess that's also why. But seriously, you guys do your best out there.

May the best man win.