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    Micah Roran ~ Micah's Dorm-room, San Diego (California, USA)
    Shaka Shaman ~ Arena

    As ICARUS disappeared from the arena, chaos erupted around Micah. DAEMONS started killing each other left and right. Micah was pretty pissed right now. His identity could be stolen? Could he still go to college, or would they not let him? He didn't have that much money anyway, and whoever stole his identity would have about 20,000 dollars in student loans to pay off....but still. This....this isn't how CLOUD is supposed to work. Stealing people's identity? Is that really legal? And who is ICARUS anyway? Did he somehow manage to hack into CLOUD? Or was he working for them? And where is Hosoda? Can't he fix this? Or is he behind it himself?

    Micah's thoughts were interrupted by a DAEMON attacking Shaka Shaman. Micah reacted fast, and jumped out of his seat to dodge its attack. Using his only advantage he had left, he took to the skies, and glided down to the center of the arena. There, several DAEMONS were fighting monsters. Ten-Wait, nine now, of them were closing in on what looked like a party. A guild perhaps? Maybe they would let Micah join. He angled towards them and dropped to the ground in a safe location. A monkey kid just got slapped across the face and was sent flying. Some crazy cat-mouse looking thing stepped in and finished off the monster. Micah noticed that it had dropped a starter kit, with a few class sets. The furry chick took all the potions and healing items, while a foxy lady (no really, she was a fox human hybrid) came by and grabbed a kit. She danced off and started back into the fray. A white dragon nabbed a kit as well, and put on some robes, a staff, and a ring.

    Lastly a human DAEMON got a ranger suit, donning the green and red cloaks and wielding a sword(?)

    Shaka Shaman walked over and bent down to get a kit himself. I'm sure they wouldn't mind if he got one, that is, if he helped out. He put on some white and red robes, much like his default ones, and got a wooden rod. He noticed that the knives from the thief set were there too. He grabbed those for a better weapon, at least for this first fight. Finally, he grabbed a white ring with a red stone, presumably to use magic. But he would have to level up first, to learn healing skills.

    Just as The Shaman turned around, and plant-like demon attacked his with an outstretched vine. It whipped out, stinging the ground beside him. Shaka Shaman quickly tried to step on it, but it retracted too soon. Another vine lashed out, and Shaka caught it on his wrist. Micah cringed as his DAEMON's heal bar dropped ever so slightly. Shaka grabbed the vine wrapped around his arm, and yanked the demon forward. With his left hand, he caught the monster with his rod, hearing a crunch as he did. He then took his knife and cut the vine off from his arm. But the demon wrapped yet another vine around his leg, and brought him to a kneel. Micah started smashing the plant with his rod, to no avail. He simply wasn't doing enough damage to finish this quickly, and he was easy an easy target for a predator. He cut the vine off his leg, after wondering why he didn't do that in the first place, and jumped back. He quickly typed out a message to one of the other fighters, Pepperton.

    To: Pepperton
    From: Shaka Shaman
    Subject: That red dragon guy fighting a plant monster (SOS)

    Can you give me a hand? This guys tough, but he should go down if we double team him. I'll help you guys out if you help me.

    The demonic foliage started to rise, with a vine arm cut short and a leg vine almost cut off. It stretched it's good arm out towards Shaka, who sidestepped out of the way. Ugh, why didn't fire breathing come as a level 1 skill?

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