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Oh man, so much yes with that second kimono girl. I already loved the first one. It almost makes me want to attempt a more realistic drawing. Almost. But there'd have to be a reason in me doing it. If I was a fashion designer like my mom is, then I'd get right on it.

Anyway, I love the face on her, and the colors are swell (ahaha, "swell"). It's not finished it appears, so I can't really say too much, but I do like what I'm seeing. Do you plan on leaving it mostly white? I think for what the picture is, that would work out just fine.

I dunno what to say for your Larvitar that I haven't already said via VM. Although, didn't you say those weren't yours? Now I'm confused. Maybe I missed the intepretation somewhere. I think the easiest thing to do, though, is more or less to have something evolve naturally. It's one thing to make a character for a medium. It's another to have a general representation. I'm sure Musical Combusken, for example, appears to be Anastasia do a degree, but is her own entity as well, nevertheless with a characterization based on a real person, which makes her more exciting than if she was just filling a role.

Alright. It's like Woody from Toy Story compared to Ronald McDonald, who's sole purpose is to shill unhealthy hamburgers to little kids.

It's about empathy, really. I'm doing a whole study on this for my thesis, actually, related to why I feel people are quicker to believe fictional characters from animated films, especially from Disney/Pixar works are a lot more real and alive than video game characters, regardless of how much mocap and realistic textures we use. Something like that. Still working it out.

Anyway, good luck with what you come up with. I'd like to see what others think. I can't be the only guy who focuses on characterization, come on. I know some of you Disney fanatics are on this forum.

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