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    Originally Posted by karatekid552 View Post
    If you want to hack, read the tutorial section. If you want to make your own game, go to the game development form to learn about rpg maker, pokemon essentials, etc. DS hacking is tough as there aren't a lot of programs yet for everything, but it gets easier everyday. You can check it out in the toolbox and the tutorial section.

    The best tool for rom hacking of gba games right now is Pokemon Game Editor. It can download most of the other tools you will need as well as having a lot of built in tools that are really good.
    Thanks KarateKid, You pointed me in the right direction, Game Development. But I still have need for hacking Help.

    I looked through the Tuts for [Graphics] and only found Tuts for Inserting and Editing of Sprites and Titles. Any one out there that direct me to a Tut for Exporting/Ripping of the graphics for the DS level games?
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