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    Can't you just install MotionInJoy to use the Sixaxis? I heard it works wonder if you want to play PC games with a PS3 controller. That said, though, is there really any reason to when the 360 controller is superior unless you don't have one or if you want to play a game that benefits from a d-pad? (Fighting games, which are better with arcade sticks anyway, and Rayman Origins are the only games I could think of..)

    I only wanted Ni No Kuni because of Studio Ghibli's involvement, but I felt like dropping 50€ on unproven (to me) JRPG is a bit tad much. I'd rather wait for a price drop or some sort of anime movie of it. Still love the artstyle, and I want to support the game, but NOT 50€.

    Been on Ace Attorney mood lately. Replaying the original at the moment and...gonna leave it at that when I'm finished. To be frank I don't like any other game in the series except for Investigation, which I should also get to replaying it. (Dammit Capcom localize the sequel!) Here's hoping 5 doesn't disappoint.

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