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    Thanks! I think I'll run a lead Metagross, because of my Dragonite w/multiscale and Tyranitar's sandstream. I am already going to run Dragon Dance Salamence, so is it too much to have more Pokemon with buff movesets? If not, I'll run one of the aforementioned sets. Garchomp's set is almost identical to my Salamence's future set, and I don't have any water types if I take Garchomp- I know that Garchomp's stats are far better than Kingdra's, so should I take Garchomp and give my Salamence Hydro Pump, or teach Kingdra water-type moves and Salamence Fire Blast, or teach Dragonite a water set and take Garchomp? (I know I keep asking questions but this is an important decision for my team's last slot, can I get an opinionated exact answer please?)