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1. How would you like to see the weekly polls improved?
2. What would make this forum more appealing to you?
3. What would make you more active here?
4. Any other ideas?
5. How can B/W still stand out with B2/W2 and the new generation around?

1. I think it could be interesting if every month we had like a "triple battle scenario" or something, where it'd be a team versus a team. We could reuse pokemon that were already used, and then we could compare which team would be better based on teammates??
2. I love this forum, but a large part of why I've been posting less is because there are less posts being made, so there's less to discuss (hypocritical, I know, but that IS the reason) If we could boost the activity with some sort of event, that'd be great. SO to make it more appealing is just if there are more people posting :/ (which I know is the issue)
3. Basically Same answer as 2.
4. I think if we had more events or something similar, it'd be fun/ Maybe we could do a joint event with another forum?? (Like the art and design forum or maybe even B2W2?) And also if we could have a brainstorming discussion somehow (not on PC as posts take a while but on an irc or something) that could help?
5. BW definitely stands out from the other B2W2 and XY. BW was the first for everything! I don't really know how I'd say it could "stand out" but I'd say the same for any generation other than 6 really, as 6 is already standing out since it's new and shiny and unknown.

Originally Posted by Forever View Post
Hmmm so how would you guys feel if I made the weekly polls member-run each week? Like someone can choose a week, then they're responsible for making the poll that week. They'd have to follow the tiering theme and would have to go by me first but they could make the threads themselves with the weekly poll which would make it seem less like me just throwing a thread at you guys each week, and more of a community type thing? y/n.
Lazy Nica :]

Just kidding, but I actually think this is a really good idea! especially since Sophie pretty much did the last one lolol I think it'd be a lot of fun, and would promote member activity. Worth a shot at least!