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Cape City

"Hmm...perhaps." Deluge replied, contemplating Sovereign's words in his head. Deluge thought there was more to it than that, but he figured he shouldn't let it bother him now. Especially after Sovereign's next statement. "An Earthquake?" He questioned aloud. Deluge began trying to formulate the possibilities of what it could and couldn't be. It wasn't another Sentinel, nor unlikely was it any Ancient. The recent events in Albia and Eternity could have sparked civilian insurgency. As well it may also have been the Gold Tribe. Deluge passed into his mind every Gold Tribe member, analyzing who could have made the Earthquake. His mind fixated on one he knew: Sword and Shield. He confirmed the possibility that this was the Gold Tribe. Yet uncertainty still clouded his mind. "Whatever it was, it wasn't ours..."

At the request of Snype, the Castform floated facing his direction. It would have been a better suited task perhaps for the Ancients. Unless it was the Gold Tribe, in which case this might be a necessary time to get their hands dirty. "Yes, I think it's best we deal with this matter. Perhaps a chance for us to get the know the new Sentinels a bit better? Sovereign, if you would, lead us to the source, since you were probably the only one to have felt it." Deluge began to float towards the hall leading to the exit in the Stoneguard. "Shall we? The hunt's afoot!"

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