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    Originally Posted by Toujours View Post
    That's true (also they tend to affect your view of things, you read a lot of bad reviews for a game, you're less likely to like it), but then how do you decide what to buy?
    Either a game is a sequel to a game I already love, that's the case for a lot of the games I buy. When it falls to games like Ni no Kuni, you have people like Spino breathing down your back and forcing you to get it; that's when you know a game is good. I always look at screenshots and just read about a game before purchase and make sure I like it. This isn't the case with too many games since I don't really dislike many games.

    Originally Posted by Spinosaurus View Post
    I am sure you mean games in Japanese however, in which case I suppose I agree for now until I progress further in Japanese classes.
    Yeah. I would never disregard a game just because of it's region, that's always a bad move.