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Well, every April 1st, PC's done some sort of prank on its members, in honor of April Fools Day. Some have been good (Todoroki!) while some have been subpar (Slowpoke?).

April's right around the corner, so I ask you members of PC, what sort of prank would you like to see be done? Who knows, maybe an Hstaff member will see something they like and plan it out! Obviously make sure that it's good!

I'd post the past years' pranks, but sadly, I fail to remember all of them or when they took place. If someone mentions them, I'll edit this post. D;

Past PC April Fool themes someone edit this pl0x:

2006: Todoroki
2007: A big whole lotta nothin'
2008: Everybody-Is-A-Mod (or has a bold name anyway) Day.
2009: Everybody looks identical, posts under the name of Todoroki and has no postbit features to tell them apart from anybody else.
2010: Slowpoke Day. On the 3rd.
2011: Applesauce Day (What?)
2012: Lerroux
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