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Does anybody even still care about Pikachu? All of Pikachu's personal fans aside, I feel like the Pokemon is little more than a figurehead. Like, even Game Freak and the Pokemon Company can't be arsed anymore. They may as well go with the swing of things and make Eevee the new face of Pokemon. Pikachu seems like a Pokemon they just use because it's been that way for years, now.

I'm honestly hard pressed to find anybody who has a whole lot of zeal for the Pokemon today in a very broad, all encompasing sense in the way that is was even back in the 3rd generation. Even nostalgics who only recognize the first generation only put higher emphasis on the starters and Rattata (no complaints from me on Ratatta recognition :P). Again, the exception being those who are literal fans of Pikachu, which is fine.

(For the record, I still like Pikachu. Not as much as several other Pokemon, but, y'know.)

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