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    Evan Lee Gildred

    Eva’s eyes fluttered open, his vision returning to him through weary retinas and long, matted, morning eyelashes. He rolled over, taking his blanket with him in his arms as he huddled it against his body, enjoying that last vestiges of warmth and relaxation before the day’s events begun. No sooner had he done so, before a woman came over the intercom, bombarding his hearing and clearing away any residual morning fog he may have been harboring. Laying there, he finally found the motivation to get up and get ready. He had never been a morning person, even if he always strived to get everywhere early. Accounting for this, he usually went about setting alarms early, so that he could shake his early morning fatigue.

    Swinging his lithe legs out of bed, his feet hit the cold floor and recoiled slightly at the touch. Maybe Ashling wouldn’t mind if he set the air to be a little less cold tonight? He didn’t like waking in an icebox. Then again, he didn’t see either him or her adjust the air the night prior. Standing up with a yawn, he stumbled over to his uniform, his tangled hair resting heavily on his back. He began to lift off his shirt before he caught himself and hurriedly cast a worried glance over at Ashling. Without even thinking, he had almost changed directly in front of her, even if she had still been sleeping, it was a bad idea. Cursing himself for the close call, he scooped up his uniform and snuck out to the bathrooms to change in private. It didn’t take him long, the uniform was pretty straight forward as those things went. Something he noticed the day before, that still bothered him now, the skirts were a bit short. What pervy headmaster picked out the girls uniform? He couldn’t deny his legs looked good, especially with the knee-high stockings. But, couldn’t that be distracting? Shrugging it off, he went about his routine to get ready. His hair back up in the trademark “yarn balls”. He made sure everything was perfect before he went back to the room to grab his bag and shoes.

    There was excitement in his attitude, as he slung the strap of the messenger bag across his chest. He had been looking forward to the first day of classes with great anticipation. Maybe not so much some classes, physical education, or Gods forbid, swimming. But, he still looked forward to the day nonetheless. First stop had to be the cafeteria, it was the proper start to every day, and studies in a book he read proved that you performed better when you ate breakfast. The cafeteria wasn’t full yet, but it did seem to be filling by the time he had arrived. Hair bouncing with his every step as he walked up to grab a tray, he was given standard breakfast fare by the lunch lady: sausage, eggs and a pancake. He hesitated for a moment, and asked her for an apple before he left. An odd glance cast his way as she went off to get it. Thanking her and quickly stashing it in his bag, he went off to find someplace to sit.

    There were a few empty tables scattered about on the outskirts, the core of people sitting more towards the center of the cafeteria. Deciding not to make himself the weird kid right away, he decided to sit at a table that had somebody at it already. Sitting not exactly across, but more diagonal to the other student, Eva said a quick prayer and lifted his fork to cut off a piece of pancake. Bringing it to his lips, he ate it and quickly longed for his mother’s cooking. Dabbing at his mouth with a napkin, he couldn’t help but notice the boy near him. He was tall by the looks of him. Dark brown hair, pale skin and aquamarine colored eyes. It was hard to tell since Eva didn’t know him, but he seemed peeved about something, especially by the way he tore into his sausage. He wondered offhand why he was so seemingly angry. Did he dislike the food that much?

    “S-so,” he mumbled, his voice small and nervous to make conversation. “T-the f-food is pretty bad, huh?” He looked up at the boy and smiled, trying his best not to be the weird kid for once at school.
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