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I fixed the links and I added a few things.


sketch of someone I know irl, have some strong feelings for him but it's a long story, sketch is pretty terrible though :p


someone wanted me to draw feferi from homestuck

Originally Posted by dbp View Post
Edit: I just decided to do a right click > properties thing and copy and paste the hyperlinks into my search bar. I'll leave the above post up because I still want to know if it's just me, but here's some new stuff based on the new art:

I like the newest picture, I'm guessing that's the Homestuck one? I'm unfamiliar with the series. I like how it's mostly made up of purple and blue colors. I also really like the commander picture, mostly by the way you painted it. I like seeing the yellows go into the greens, great stuff.
Just noticed this. As a reminder I did edit the hyperlinks if that helps.

Yeah it is homestuck - my friend's birthday is coming up and he had a request. The original had... something missing so obviously I couldn't post THAT here lol. But this is the edited version and I think it came out pretty good. I personally think the character's colour scheme is absolutely grating but I got it to work... somehow...

Glad you like the commander. I use layering techniques to achieve this effect. I might post a tut later...
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