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Originally Posted by Sweets Witch View Post
I'll edit this post when I get home from the store but for now I'm gonna leave this article about privatizing education.

Edit: I return. Excellent.

Anyway, as that article points out, running some things like businesses does not work. Government is one of those things, as are schools and prisons.
I agree with you on the school and prisons. But Government can and should be run like a business. To a certain extent. Not in the profit-seeking motive, but in operating efficiently. Remove people from your workforce who are expendable, follow management best practices, spend sensibly. Maybe government should act like a business, but it could certainly stand to be well-managed. (Which is not to say every business is well-managed. Far, far from it. But there are techniques, practices, and policies that stem from the business world that could be borrowed)

There are things that government does try to run like a business, like public transit, that could be much better if they worked with private enterprise.

And there are ways of having private industry in the school system besides having them running it (although, there already are private schools that co-exist alongside the public system to begin with). In Sweden (I think? Might have Switzerland), starting in grade 9 students get to take co-ops and apprenticeships in their chosen career field. And they get paid for it. You can actually do something worth while and learn through it (in addition to getting paid), rather than working at McDonald's while your in school. Like, learn something in shop class and then actually put it use. Or you can shadow someone in the science industry for example.
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