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Kion Gavin - Cafeteria

All at once, the flames coming from Gavin's hand settled down. He looked to his side to see a blue-haired girl sitting diagonally from him. His eyes enlarged, and the blood from the sausage dripped from his open mouth. He was coming back to his senses, as if he had just been in some sort of trance. His eyes remained fixated on her blue hair, though; that was something he'd never seen before...not in person at least. It was something he'd seen from cosplayers, but he'd never met one in person before, and he'd never heard of people having natural blue hair other than in anime and manga. Then again, this was a youkai. It was mesmerizing.

Then, as if he woke up from another trance, he blinked a few times and realized where he was. He looked at the piece of sausage at the end of his fork. He felt the blood on his chin. He took a napkin that was on his tray and wiped his face, being sure to keep his face away from the fair maiden while he did so. He continued to chew the sausage that was in his mouth, and it was actually pretty good...but it wasn't like any sausage he'd ever eaten before. The herbs in the sausage danced wonderfully with the hardy yet subtle tangy blood. It was interesting.

He looked at the coed from the corner of his eye, examining her, but trying not to be too obvious about it. It wasn't a sexual matter; Gavin was simply naturally of weary of people at this point. After all, he was already one youkai's dog and a person's flaming cannon, so it was only natural. Still, this girl had his interest. He had to wonder what type of youkai she was...but that might have come off as strange if he had asked her. He wasn't sure exactly what counted as "not crossing the line" at the school. For all he knew, it could have been the same as asking someone's race or asking if a some guy who looked effeminate was a girl. Gavin's curiosity be damned.

"It's actually pretty darn good!" He said with a hearty smile. "It's weird, usually the sight of blood in my food usually grosses me out, as does the taste of it. Maybe it's because-" He stopped himself; he didn't want to reveal what he was to anyone just yet, he had no idea how it would go down. "...Maybe it's because of the seasoning; we didn't have this stuff back at home." It was the truth; whatever type of meat he was eating and whatever vegetables and herbs were in it sure weren't from the human realm.

"Name's Gavin, by the way," Gavin said, finishing his sausage and cleaning his mouth with the napkin. "I'm your resident mage." He picked up what he assumed was milk and said "Suita" (/swE-taw/, literally, it means "Ice Touch") under his breath, forming small ice crystals out of the precipitation on the beverage. "You got a name?" He asked, bringing the cold drink to his lips.
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