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    Elene Merlin
    Girl's Dorm > Cafeteria
    The embrace of the snug night kept Marilyn warm throughout the night, for, despite the fear that most felt towards the darkness and what could lurk within what they couldn't see, it was a time that allowed her to feel comfortable. Nobody to endanger her, no more than there were during the day, and much less drama or people around, which allowed her to wander around freely. Like a moth that acquired a rubber bodysuit, so it could rub up against electrifying devices until it died of exhaustion and stupidity. Or the weight of a five hundred page tome falling upon its chittinous form in a glorious meeting of paper and wooden oaks. Such were the dreams that went through her mind, only the strange ones and never something simple, like videogames. They were always there to hold her hand, provided a creepy-sounding man didn't speak over the intercoms and stir her from it.

    Alas, a shower was needed and that would require spending time amongst the other students of the dorm, naked no less, so it was once again Elene's time to step into the spotlight and dance among the flames that she burned the theater down with. "Ass." The grouchy vampire uttered from her forked tongue of honeyed words and gilded whispers. Nevertheless, morning was no time to stop acting as fabulous as she truly was, as she rolled over onto her back and stared briefly at the ceiling. A few brief calculations in her head and Elene gripped the corners of her sheets and threw them into the air above her, hopping out in the brief time before they would collapse upon the bouncy mattress and slamming her palm on the center so it landed in a perfect, uncreased square. A sideways glance at the mirror confirmed that her hair was still fabulous and she was still in her pajamas. That would just not do.

    With a flourish, Elene threw open the doors to her wardrobe and retrieved her school uniform for the day, lacking the blazer, as she decided upon which modifications she would make for the inelegant piece of stiff fabric to better befit her fabulous form. A few ribbons stolen from her accessory case would serve as a belt and adornments for her wrists and neck, along with ivory silk stockings that would allow her lovely legs to swag in a manner filled with more swag than any could gather from the entire rest of the dorm. Yes, a glorious outfit it would be, as soon as she changed into it, after allowing the other females to gaze in wonder at her vainglorious beauty and whisper amongst themselves of the perfection they would never be able to attain.

    Her name is Elene Merlin, Queen of Queens. Look upon her works, ye mighty, and despair.

    Girl's Dorm > Cafeteria
    Ashling was woken from her sleep by a sudden startle from behind her eye, as it opened sharply to the first beam of sunlight that landed upon her twisted pillows and sweat-sodden sheets that marked the horrors who struck at her mind under cover of moonlight. She'd learned how to suffer through them quietly, but they were no less traumatic than the first ones she'd suffered, and needed to remove them from her mind as quickly as possible. As she gathered the crumpled sheets together in her hand, she cast a crimson glance at the clock and noticed that she would have barely any time to weave even the beginnings of a tapestry, so her day was best started with a wash and replacement of her sheets.

    Eva had left already, Ashling noticed, as she stuffed the crumpled sheets into her hamper and pulled out fresh ones from the cupboard. She'd probably need to do double laundry duty to keep from running out of sheets, but they could be done without much unwanted intervention, given that Eva seemed to be naturally fascinated with tidiness. Soon, the early-morning chore was done and Ashling was prepared to wash the grime of night off of her body, as each sticky bead of sweat could be felt like the remnants of a vile demon tongue, She'd be able to spar some time after lessons, or so she hoped, but the priorities were food and washing. Not much could go wrong with such simple tasks.

    After grabbing her washing resources and a fresh uniform, Ashling descended to the bathroom of the girl's dorms in search of a shower, and instead found her beloved friend Elene boastfully getting dressed amongst a few other girls of the academy. Although she didn't say it, the smirk across her lips told of the pride she felt in the form she'd presented earlier, and a case of the early morning ego that led her normal delusions of grandeur into something of a ridiculous state. A parody of herself, and the exact opposite of what Ashling suffered through every morning, though it did bring her delight to see others being happy. As she passed by the vampire, she tapped her on the shoulder and smiled, before entering the showers themselves.

    The two of them talked over the events of the previous day, with Elene leaning against the walls outside of the showers to allow Ashling some form of privacy, which went well enough after the smallest amount of chastising from the Succubus about Elene being a tad too exuberant in the morning time and potentially intimidating the people around here. She liked to think of herself as something of a grounding element for the larger-than-everyone-else's-lives musician, offering something to reign in dreams that could otherwise go too far, and forced her to think logically, so she wouldn't get herself hurt.

    Whether Elene herself thought such things, Ashling didn't know, but they soon departed from the girl's dorms with a gaggle of friends they'd met before, and entered the cafeteria almost like a squadron of warriors, with Commander Elene at the front and her Lieutenant Ashling at her flank, as they talked amongst themselves with smiles and wonders about the day ahead.

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