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Originally Posted by LilJz1234 View Post
Username: LilJz1234
Version: Ruby
Degree Range: 15 degrees Celcius/59 degrees Fahrenheit and below
Blah, my computer crashed as I was trying to post an update... Ah well, I'll just go with a less detailed version... And I guess no spoiler tags around my team since those are acting up right now... weird.

At any rate, LilJz, how about... Swampert, Walrein, Dusclops, Aggron, Mightyena, and Weezing.

(Less Detailed) Crystal Update #2

Badges Recently Received:

I got every Pokemon but Jynx (Who is only out in the morning and day hours). Traded Haunter with myself to evolve him into a Gengar. Used Eevee through the whole thing to try to evolve him, but his happiness doesn't want to budge. My other guys evolved. Made quick work of each gym, and now I'm twiddling my fingers waiting for the morning (well, more like finally working on my homework that I was ignoring).

Current Team:

イーブイ the Eevee (M)
Level 45
-Take Down
-Baton Pass
-Quick Attack

アリアドス the Ariados (M)
Level 28
-Poison Sting
-Night Shade
-Scary Face

レアコイル the Magneton
Level 34
-Thunder Shock
-Super Sonic
-Sonic Boom

ニョロジ the Poliwhirl (M)
Level 30

ゲンガー the Gengar (M)
Level 29
-Shadow Ball
-Night Shade
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