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Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
So I wanted to share something I saw shown the other day, a video. Here it is:


It's a short clip which encapsulates human sexuality, as much as that is possible, into a few short words and infographics. Since I'm a sucker for infographics I've screencapped some of them below.

I really like the simplicity of these and how despite how simple they are they still don't marginalize anyone. I think they would be a great tool to teach people who may have trouble understanding the finer points of human sexuality.
Thanks for sharing! That was a great video, ngl! Just like the video title suggest, human sexuality is complicated.... very complicated, and society is so easy to judge and criticize when in fact, we're all single entities who really are unique in our own ways.

His clarity was superb, and I really liked how all the graphs came together and made sense with what he was saying. In the end, it all proved the argument he was trying to make. I do hope that human sexuality teachers across the world utilize the video in their teachings, or even everyday people to teach their kids or others.

Human sexuality is a tough subject overall, and when it does't affect certain people (in the case of society being so judgmental towards those who aren't considered to be within the norm, sexuality-wise), people are very quick to base their decisions and thinking's off of what society has predisposed to them. The video has really opened my eyes further and taught me that not who we love, what we love, or who we want to be can define us as who we are. We're very complicated beings and just like the author said in the end, all that matters is that we love ourselves no matter what we choose to be.

Sorry for the double post (please merge my post if I'm not allowed to DP), but I was just recently listening to this song and wanted to share it with you all.

Have any of you guys heard this song? I'm not even into rap or anything, but this song really melts my heart and leaves me feeling so great after listening to it. I'm sure some of you have heard it before or have at least listened to it.