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    Originally Posted by gatarda View Post
    Cool! Then we could really port maps from BW to DPPtHgSs and conversely. AND we can research how the movement permissions in Castelia City, and the camera positions on the Skyarrow Bridge really work!

    I don't think Gen V support will be in 1.7.0. Maybe in 2.0.0. I can't judge, but SDSME is a very big step in NDS ROM hacking!

    I'd rather have it like this:

    SPDSME should stay Gen IV, since we've added a lot of features into it already, and we still need to research on bugs and stuff about it.

    I prefer making a 5th gen editor, apart from this, because you'll mainly focus on 5th Gen. Like calling it Spiky's V Gen editor.(SVG)

    And BTW if you think about XYZ, compared to all of these it will take years to make something like that.

    Originally Posted by Chaos Rush View Post
    I'm having a bit of a problem.

    I tried importing the upstairs of the Pallet Town room from HG/SS into Pokemon Platinum, replacing the player's bedroom. I made sure I exported everything possible from HeartGold and imported it into Platinum, being move permissions, the map model, the tileset textures, everything. It looks fine in the Map Editor, but when I test it in-game, it looks like this:

    Anyone know how to fix this?

    EDIT: Nevermind, I found out that the bedroom Tileset was actually Tileset 20, not Tileset 3. However I still have another problem:

    EDIT: nevermind again, I figured out that it's just a matter of changing the model numbers.

    I have a suggestion for the tool: Include a Ctrl+F search function in the model list

    EDIT: lmao this tool is amazing, this is what I've done so far on a Platinum ROM:

    Wow, restarting DarkViolet?

    I've remember your beta on this, but I thought you gave up on it.

    Well, i was thinking about making a Firered and Leafgreen remakes, but tons of people are trying so hard to accomplish it. Then in the end everyone who tries to remake it fails.

    Firered and Leafgreen remakes are my side-works because they are all ready easy to edit.

    It you need help, I'll be availble for scripting only. (BTW why not use a HGSS Rom?) but I like your idea, lets try to see HGSS Maps in different 3D Angles.
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