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    Originally Posted by hayatekun24 View Post
    Stuck in dark rising HQ area(I forgot the name of the region lol). Please heeeelp.

    After beating Atem in Millenium City(?), right after exiting, an invisible sprite asked me if i am ready to go to dark rising hq because of the police, which, I realized, is an event that has already happened... What should I do? Will I be able to progress if I say no? And if I say no, where should I go next?

    Answers are appreciated :3
    Answer yes and you will be transported there. Then go through the Huntik Route and Enter the cave previously blocked. I also reported this Bug to DrG already

    Originally Posted by strikerkc View Post
    after the elite 4, where would i go?
    Meet ADRIAN in the castle and battle him. This concludes DR 1 after him

    Originally Posted by jashan345 View Post
    Okay how do I get my 5th and 6th badge?
    The fifth badge is in Numassity City while the Sixth badge is in Montage Forretress