Thread: Weekly Poll: Whirlipede vs Garbodor!
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Right, so here we have two poison types whose primary function is to set up on the opponent with a barrage of spikes/toxic spikes. These things were made to poison!
So when you guys are weighing the options on our poison friends, please think about many different factors! Which one do you think is better at their job competitively (and they do very similar things) and which do you think has the better chance at achieving their goal? Also, which of the two pokemon do you prefer the design of (and also, who has the better shiny)? Which one of these would you use ingame? And if it came down to a fight, which one do you think would be victorious? Just like all matchups, these will run each week comparing pokemon from the same tier until all tiers and all pokemon are used up. If you want to know more about tiers, and more about how to effectively use these pokemon on your team, check out Battle Center! So which one will you vote for? Please post if you vote in the poll! :D
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