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Originally Posted by Left 4 good View Post
Just got these 2 as a car boot £1 for both, which is like $1.50

Lugia - Neo Genesis
Ho-oh - Neo revalations :)

Also how much are these:

Dark Arbok first edition rocket set holo
Dark dragonite rocket set holo
dark blastoise rocket set holo
Originally Posted by POKEMONCARDSELLER View Post
Looking to get my card appraised. I do not intend to sell Pokemon Cards on this forum as it is an offense warranting a ban.

Originally Posted by Excentric00 View Post
Looking to see what these are worths. Any input would be appreciated.

Japanese Team rocket Charizard No. 006 (Holo)
Japanease Blaine's Arcanine no. 059 (Holo)
Hitmonchan No. 7/102 (Holo)
Just so you all know, I haven't forgotten this thread! I've just been a little busier offline and also indulging more in a few of my other hobbies! I'll get to pricing your cards tomorrow sometime!
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