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→ Route 30

Krissu stood crestfallen when Ange left. She wanted to run after the girl and scream and force her to come back. She could never survive on her own out here! This world was dangerous, especially since flames were sprouting up in the forest all of a sudden. But Mr Pokémon stopped her.

"Let the girl go," he said. "She's got her own adventure to follow. And you've got your own path to grow into."

"But... the fire!"

"The wind blows it the other way. It'll likely be up on Route 31 in a matter of hours. It won't come down Route 30!"

"But isn't that awful? Can't we do anything to stop it? I was the one who started it..."

"Nevermind, lass. Even with a water pokémon, that's a pretty difficult case. Stuff happens. It wasn't your fault."

Krissu's eyes widened. "It very much was my fault! As was Ange's escape, I-"

"Now, now. Come with me into my house for a moment."

Krissu suddenly locked eyes with Kii, the Caterpie that Ange had left behind. It crept up to her on the ground and she crouched down. "Kii..." she said. "She'll be back. She has to come back."

Kii's eyes watered. Apparently he had really liked his trainer. "Oh... I'll take you with me. We'll find Ange some time." Kii didn't seem to hear her. He just stared off into the distant flames where Ange had disappeared.

Krissu's next hours flew by in a haze. Mr Pokémon said something to her and gave her a pokémon egg to bring back to Cherrygrove. Krissu didn't hesitate, but just accepted the quest without ado. In the night, she trekked back to Cherrygrove through the gloomy route, Litwick to light her way and Kii on her shoulder. She couldn't capture it in a pokéball since it was Ange's property according to MAO's rules. She hadn't released it properly and no trade had occurred.

The Mayor was happy to get the egg from Krissu; of course it wasn't real happiness though. Krissu knew that it was just her coding making her so. As for Krissu herself, Ange leaving and her causing the forest fire had made her fall back into the depressed state from which she had almost been about to emerge. When she finally reached Mr Pokémon again, it was dawn. She wasn't even tired. Inside MAO, you fell asleep when you wanted to log out. If you didn't log out, you never needed to rest. But you still could if you lay down and wanted to sleep. Krissu just didn't want to. A fleeting thought hoped that her brain wouldn't decay faster if she didn't get sleep inside the game. But she shook that away quickly.

Mr Pokémon's reward was a pokédex. Krissu hadn't even bothered to listen to what reward she would be getting, but this actually cheered her up a bit. A pokédex was useful. She sat on his porch and fiddled with it for quite a while before she continued her journey.

Kii, the Caterpie, was left in the care of Mr Pokémon. Should Ange really return, like she had said that she would do, Kii would be there waiting for her. But Krissu wouldn't.

((OOC: really crappy and non-detailed post but I wanted to get a move on. Route 31 next!))
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