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Originally Posted by Forever View Post
Design-wise they may suck buuut as long as they are good competitive-wise, then I'm p sure I'll be pleased with them. :3 For example, I dislike Skuntank in general but in NU I embrace it.
Sorry to sound contentious but doesn't the fact Skuntank is NU mean it sucks competitive-wise as opposed to being good? I mean, it might be good in NU but being good in NU doesn't say a lot about that Pokémon's power. NU is a rejects tier.

The lower tiers are a reality but, when the chips are down (e.g. in tournaments), no use will use Pokémon below BL. Lower tiers are just fun-tiers.

(and yes I hate tiers)

Which is why I hope Gamefreak revolutionizes the battle system in 6th gen. I mean, we're using the current system since 3rd gen, with only one major modification (the Physical/Special move split). They need to do something to make rejected Pokémon more viable. No, I don't want Butterfree to be stronger than Dragonite, it wouldn't make sense since Caterpie is a common bug whereas Dratini is a rare mythical Pokémon. But I want Butterfree to at least stand a chance of winning.

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